Vertical groups


In fantasy land, children are captured in a vertical group. An advantage of a vertical group is continuity; Children have longer time to meet and get used to pedagogical staff.

Young learns from old

Children of different ages can learn well from each other. For example, the youngest children learn from the elders and the oldest children learn to take the youngest ones into account. This is how they develop their care and loving intercourse. Going to the toilet of the oldest, stimulates the youngest to do so as well. In a vertical group, children can pull together and adopt rules of conduct such as hand washing and cleanup.

Small groups

A vertical group has both pros and cons, we are aware of this, and we use the advantages as much as possible. For example, a vertical group requires more energy and flexibility from the pedagogical staff, but is a great added value for the development of children. In order to stimulate the benefits of a vertical group, only well-trained and enthusiastic pedagogical staff work in fantasy land. By keeping the groups small and working according to good planning, children benefit greatly from our working method.


We think it is important that the youngest babies be taken into account in the vertical group, that they will be given a safe place. We do this by means of a high box and a corner that can be shielded.


For the oldest toddlers we have created a place where they-as the babies sleep-start working with work. Pasting, cutting, puzzling, sorting, being busy with language, in short, preparing for skills that they can use well when they go to primary school. We ensure that there is an offer of material for all ages and there are activities so that every child can develop optimally.

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