We would like to introduce ourselves


I am juf Karin and have been working with fantastical land since 1 February 2013.
Before I got to work here I gained a lot of experience. I worked for 16 years as a guest parent for the age group 0-12 years and then I worked at the Tintel Garden for 2 1/2 years.
Working with children I find the most fun thing there is. Every day I am amazed by the ingenuity and the unviron of children.


Hi, my name is Sanae.

In My last academic year social legal services
Did I have enough free time and I started working as a RAID force
At a daycare. Here I have my great love for
Children discovered. I then decided to continue this work
And I have a BBL training my pedagogical assistant
Level 3 Diploma obtained.

Meanwhile I also have nieces and cousins where I have a lot of fun
Activities participate and regularly with babysitter.

Since 2016 I work now with a lot of fun at fantasy land
On extracurricular care. Here I have it tremendously
To my liking and fantasy land has also become my second home.


I’m Kim,
I have been working on the vertical group in fantasy land since November 2015. Before I got to work here I gained experience with another
Nursery in Amsterdam. I graduated in 2014 for pedagogical assistant level 4.

I have called from small that I wanted to work with small children and I am delighted that I have found my place in fantasy land.


I am Sumeye Ören and I am 25 years old.

I have been working as a permanent substitute for the BSO and KDV fantasy land since May 2017.
I have gained experience in various places.

My Diploma in Pedagogical Assistant Level 3 I achieved in 2015.

This is my dream job, I am very happy that I have found my place in the fantasy land. It’s very nice here on the group and I feel at home here. This is of course because of my colleagues and the children I like very much. It is very important that you give all your attention to the children and that you know that children always occur.


I am Bouchra, am 35 years old and live together with my 2 children.
Won my diploma PW4 in 2012.
Since March 2013 I am working at childcare fantasy land, but I was started at the KDV.
In September 2015 I switched to the BSO. Previously, I have gained experience on various organizations. That’s how I’ve gotten and learned a lot.
My dream job has always been to make love work full of children and that I can mean something for them O, a guiding, stimulating, caring and much more. I like it so much that I would want to do this work forever…
Despite all the experiences and organizations, I am of course a mother of 2 children and hence the experience has become very broad.
I love children a lot and every day remains an exciting day for me, I am happy to go there and also fulfill my tasks.
The help I can offer is successful and loving every day.