Safety & Health

The safety and health of children is paramount in fantasy land. We adhere to the requirements of the Ggd. We work on the basis of protocols and work instructions. We do this to make children run the least risk. Once in 2 months there is a consultation to follow the work instructions. Where it can be improved. The risk inventory is done every year. If we encounter something in the interim, we will apply it immediately.

Pedagogical staff are only allowed to give children to parents/guardians, provided the parents pass this in advance and draw. If this happens at the last minute, the parent is called to check.

Information on the general terms and conditions of fantasy land, the pedagogical policy plan, the complaints regulations, the Parental Committee regulations and the information brochure are available for inspection on site.

Dutch is the language of the fantasy country, that is to say that the groups, with children and with parents, are spoken Dutch.