For registration, questions and information about our daycare, you can go to the office of Fantasieland.  Call us and we will make an appointment.

Registration: You can register your child for day care from the 2nd month of your pregnancy.

On the registration form you enter the expected start date and the days that you need childcare. When your child is born, please contact us. If you register your child for the baby, toddler or toddler group, your preferred start date and the placement option will be immediately checked. Placement As soon as a place is available , we will contact you. A contract is made for you with a quote. You may be assisted with the application Childcare Tax Allowance and with your application at the DWI.

If you (and your partner) have signed the contract, mutual obligations will arise and the fantasy terms and conditions will come into effect. You can read the general conditions here. A child is placed on the 1st or the 16th of the month. The pedagogical staff member of the group where your child is placed invites you to an interview. She tells you about the state of affairs in the group, shows you around the group and makes an appointment with you about the period. During the introductory meeting you can inform the pedagogical staff member about any specifics of your child.

Still unclear? View frequently asked questions here.