Placement policy and conditions and rate

You can register by fully completing the registration form on the website. After registration your child will be on the waiting list with us. As soon as a suitable place becomes available (this is possible soon), we will contact you. Placement is based on the registration date.

The hourly rate (2018) for BSO Fantasieland is 6.95 euros. You can get a reimbursement from the tax authorities if you meet the conditions, see

If there is room, a tour will follow and if you agree by signing the contract, the placement is final. The services that we offer are VSO and BSO (with or without holiday or holiday accommodation only). You will receive a separate agreement for both.

In accordance with the placement policy, placement is possible from 2 to 5 fixed days per week. The placement days are determined in consultation with the parents.

Parents purchase a contract for school weeks (40 weeks) or for holiday weeks (12 weeks) or a combination of the two (52 weeks).

View the rates here.

We work together with a number of schools: de Springplank, Rosa Boekdrukkerschool, St. Jan and As Siddieq. We walk to the daycare together with the children. All educational staff wear identifiable clothing from Fantasieland when picking up.

Intake procedure
If your child is placed at our BSO, you, the parents / guardians (hereinafter we refer to as parents) are invited in advance by the director or employee for an intake interview. During this conversation the parents are informed about the general policy of our daycare. Practical agreements are made to let your child get used to it before the actual daycare begins.

Adjustment period
At the BSO we have 1 weekday for children up to 8 years. We pick up the child at the school together with the parent and in the evening the course of the adaptation day is discussed directly with the parents and the child. If a child turns out to need more time to get used to it, we adjust the adjustment schedule. There is a pedagogical staff member who will guide the starting child on this first day.

An older child from 8 years does not have an adaptation day. The child is given the space to explore and discover the group at his own pace. This gives the child the opportunity to gradually feel familiar with the new environment. The child can get to know the group together with his parent. We then make arrangements for the start.

Opening hours
During school weeks, we offer pre-school care from 06:30 for two schools and we bring your child to school. In the afternoon we pick up the children from the schools. We are then open until 7 p.m. and on Wednesdays we start from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Exchange days
Occasionally (with a maximum of 3 x per year) it is possible to exchange a day of care, this is also only on condition that the Pkr is not exceeded. Example: you contract one day but you prefer a different day for that week. Then you must inform us of this by email at least 1 week in advance so that we can see if it is possible. Exchange is only possible in the same month. You do not have to sign a form for this.

On the study days of the schools we are open from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. The costs for this are charged separately. We offer 52 weeks of care, except for official days off. So you can use the days that you purchase throughout the year. In the holiday weeks we are open from 8:30 am to 7 pm.

Request extra childcare
It is possible that you unexpectedly need childcare on a different day than the contractually agreed. You can request extra care with a form. We will assess your request depending on the PKr. You will then receive a written approval or rejection of your request.

These hours will then be charged the following month.