CHILD’S DAY STAY Amsterdam New West

Bringing children to a nursery in Amsterdam is the order of the day for the vast majority of the parents in the city. At our daycare center, it’s a passion to catch the children, entertain and learn skills every day. Children are learning new skills. Furthermore, good interaction with other children is important, which will teach your child to fantasy land in childcare. With our skilled staff, you can bring your child to us without worries and get back safely. He or she will be full of stories and enthusiastic. Your child has played with other children all day without having to know that he or she has also learned a lot at the same time. So time flies by!

Instructive childcare in Amsterdam

If you bring your child to the nursery fantasy land in Amsterdam Nieuw West, you certainly do not have to worry about the developments he or she is going through. Your child will learn a lot of new things with us at the daycare center in a playful way. By playing with other peers and getting support and guidance from skilled staff, the child moves forward with steps. You will see that social skills are improving quickly and that the child is happy to take care of the shelter. This allows you to work or other things, without worrying about your child. For instance, your child has had a nice instructive day and you have been able to pay attention to other important issues. Your child will have a nice time at kindercentrum fantastical land. By playing games, the child can develop in a fun way and we are happy to help you!

Would you like to know more about the possibility of reception at our nursery in Amsterdam Nieuw West? Please feel free to contact us and who knows until soon!

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