House Rules

House Rules for a nice and safe shelter for everyone. To keep it as clean and safe as possible for everyone, we ask you to adhere to a number of house rules. These House rules can be read below.

Boot swabs
When entering the group room, parents are requested to attract the overshoes, which are located in a basket at the entrance of the group room. We use this rule because of the hygiene on the reception.

Slippers or socks
Parents do the children’s jackets themselves, hang them up and do the children’s shoes and attract the children’s slippers. Ultimately, the children are encouraged to do so themselves. Children can also be on their socks inside.

Handbags out of reach of children
Parents keep their handbags out of reach of the children, so not on the ground. This has to do with the fact that children can easily pick up cigarettes or medicines from the bags.

The basket of your child’s belongings
When picking up your child you will be asked to look in your child’s basket. Any letters and/or drawings can be found here. We ask you to bring your child home.

Say Goodbye and transfer scripture
You will clearly say goodbye to your child. You can write any details in the transfer-writing or pass it on to the pedagogical assistant.

Buggies and Strollers
Buggies, strollers are folded and parked in the dedicated space. At the reception, the pedagogical staff will tell you where this space is located.

If we all adhere to the rules, we have a fine and safe reception.