Flexible Childcare Amsterdam West

With so many different personalities and energy levels in a child care, it’s important to keep an eye on everything. We are therefore extra attentive to all children at children’s center Fantasieland. Our experienced team looks at every individual’s wishes and needs. Does the child fit well in the group and what can we do to ensure that they return home with a satisfied and happy feeling? Thanks to our skilled staff, we can help every child and offer a day full of fun and instructive activities. You child is going to be enthusiastic and with nice stories back home. We take care of your child while you are engaged in other important matters. This way you can go to work with peace of mind!

Instructive Childcare Amsterdam West

We think it is important that as a child care we are not only flexible at times, but that we especially have the children some extra to offer. For example, we can look for every individual that needs it and learn more. We know from experience that especially social skills are going forward with leaps and bounds. This is due to playing with children of the same age. Your child will learn so playfully, without having to know that he or she has developed important skills. Children’s center Fantasieland lets your child play in an instructive way with other children. You can be assured that when you pick up a tired but satisfied child gets that full of fun and nice stories about a fantastic day.

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