The most frequently asked questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions for kindercentrum fantastical land. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

1. Is Children’s Center fantasy country registered in the National Register for Child care and toddler preschools?
Yes. Children’s Center fantasy land is registered with the National Register for Child care and toddler preschools. You can request proof of registration with us.

Click here for proof of registration.

2. I would like to join my child at Children’s Center fantasy land, what should I do?
For registration, questions and information about our reception you can contact the board of fantasy land. Please call and we will make an appointment. Our telephone number is 020-7557973.

Click here to register your child online.

3. Can you make an appointment for a guided tour of the Children’s Centre fantasy land?
Yes of course you can make an appointment for a guided tour or an exploratory conversation while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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4. Are there any intake interviews and introductory interviews at Kindercentrum fantastical land?
Yes, after children’s center fantasy land has received your request, you will be contacted with you to schedule an intake interview.
During this interview we will inform each other about how we deal with business and how your child is going. You will get acquainted with our pedagogical staff. We will also plan the Wendagen with you.

We keep the children a wenperiode of 2-4 weeks depending on the situation.

If your child is placed on our BSO, you, the parents/guardians are invited beforehand by the director or employee for an intake interview. During this interview, the parents are informed about the general policy of our BSO. Practical arrangements are made to allow your child to get used to the actual reception begins.

5. Where can you find contact information for Children’s Center fantasy land? You can find the contact details of children’s Center fantasy land at the bottom of every page or on our contact page.

6. Will I receive a confirmation on the registration?
You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

7. Are we working with reception contracts at Children’s Centre fantasy land?
Yes, we work with a contract. This contract contains the provisions and details of days and costs.

8. Does children’s Center fantasy land also have a notice period?
Legally there is 1 month notice period for childcare.

9. Which forms of reception are offered by children’s Centre fantasy land?

  • Whole or half day care
  • Regular day care
  • Extracurricular Care
  • Flexible reception
  • Combination of regular and flexible reception
  • Taking extra days

10. Does children’s center fantasy land in vertical or horizontal groups? In fantasy land, children are taken care of in a vertical group on the day room. The advantages are:

  • Continuity: The children stay longer together and with the same pedagogical employees.
  • The youngest children learn from the oldest and the oldest can learn to take into account the youngest, so be careful.
  • Going to the toilet of the oldest, stimulates the youngest to do this as well.
  • children can move on to each other, adopt rules of conduct such as, for example, Wash hands and clean up.

11. Do you work at Children’s Centre fantasy country qualified and experienced pedagogical staff?
All professionals have a vocational qualification appropriate to the work in accordance with the C.A.O. child care. They are also in possession of a valid declaration of conduct issued in accordance with the Legal Documentation Act at the time they commence work with us. The latter also applies to any trainees and the management.

12. What kind of food do children get at Children’s Center fantasy land?
In fantasy land the children get healthy and organic food at a fixed time. To support the social aspects of the food, the employees are also at the table to give a good example and songs are sung.

We try to make the children aware of the importance of healthy food at a young age and therefore we limit food with too many sugars such as sweets, unhealthy biscuits. and lemonade drinks.

Read all about our food supply here .

13. Can my child also bring their own food to the fantasy land Children’s centre?
We attach great importance to the social behaviour and structure of the eating pattern of your child and find that children G can takea food from home, Except for the youngest babies because their diet consists of breast-feeding or Bottle feeding. Mothers can breastfeed for their child.

14. Can my child also bring their own food to the fantasy land Children’s centre?
That is not necessary, because we have everything a child may need.

15. Are the diapers taken care of by children’s Centre fantasy land or should the parents take them?
Diapers are reimbursed by fantasy land

16. Are there also physical exercises at Kindercentrum fantastical land for the physical development of the children?
The physical and physicality in addition to the motor skills of your child, we try to stimulate as much as possible on the basis of activities such as; Dancing, hopscotch, cycling, cutting, drawing and folding.

17. Is My child insured at Children’s Center fantasy land?
Yes your child is WA insured.

18. What does children’s Centre fantasy land do when a child gets sick during the day?
At Children’s Center fantasy land we have a disease policy. We Follow the Protocol and act accordingly.

19. Is Children’s Center fantasy country Open in holiday periods and holidays?
We are closed only on official holidays.

20. Is The fantasy land Children’s centre affiliated with child Care Disputes Committee?
Yes. Fantasy Land is a member of the Child Care Disputes Committee .

The Disputes Committee
P.O. Box 90600
2509 LP The Hague
Call: 070 310 53 10.

21. What are the costs of child care at Children’s Center fantasy land? Check our rates page, here you will find all the information about the tariffs.

22. Can you have children on an hour or sessions at children’s Centre fantasy land?
A half-day can be, but per hour can not.

23. Does children’s Center fantasy land also have an older commission? Children’s Centre fantasy land also has an older committee and it forms the sounding board of parents and guarantees, in close contact with the leadership of fantasy land, the quality of day care.

24. Is children’s Center fantasy land also inspected by municipal authorities?
Fantasy land complies with the rules laid down in the Law on Child Care and related regulations. Every year the inspection of the GGD supervises the children’s Centre meets the inspection framework under which the risk inventory for health and safety and action plans carried out. The inspection report, the safety and health risk inventories, the House Rules, protocols and the action plans are for inspection at the children’s Centre.

Look here

to THE GGD inspection reports

25. How are the costs paid to children’s center fantasy land?
Often a large part is reimbursed by the government (childcare fee). A part comes from the parent himself.
Check the rates here .

26. Can I complain if I am dissatisfied with the care of Children’s center fantasy land?
The right of complaint is governed by the Child Care Act. As a nursery, together with the parent, we try to resolve the complaint internally with the help of the internal complaints system. If this is not possible, you can contact the disputes Committee as a parent. The complaints office, as a front portal of the Disputes Committee, also provides advice, information and offers Mediaton.