Daily schedule

Daily schedule at Kinderdagverblijf Fantasie Land we find very important for the children.

The course of the day looks like this:

07:30 Hours: Children are brought, up to 09:00 hours parents can stay and drink coffee/tea

09:00 Hours: Jointly clean up and sit at the table, then we sing songs.

09:30 Hours: Children eat a cracker or a rice waffle and drink tea.

09:45 Hours: Children are changed or go to the toilet and learn to wash hands. Babies go to bed and sleep up to 11:30 hours.

10:00 Hours: Play freely or do an activity.

11:15 Hours: Clean up together and sit down at the table. The babies wake up and are changed. Everyone is getting ready for dinner.

11:30 Hours: Together we eat a hot meal and we drink juice.

12:30 Hours: The children are changed.

13:00 Hours: The children from 1 year go to bed.

14:00 Hours: Fruit bites are made for the babies.

14:30 Hours: The children wake up and be changed. Time to sleep for the babies.

14:45 Hours: Together with the children who are awake at the table and then eat fruit and drink water.

15:15 Hours: After hand washing, children can play together, read booklets, dance, etc.

16:00 Hours: Babies wake up and be changed.

16:30 Hours: Children get a sandwich with different types of spreads and drinking milk.

From 16:30 to 18:30 hours: Children can be picked up by their parents/guardians.

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