Complaints and inspection

If you have a complaint as a parent, you can of course contact us. You can inform the pedagogical employee or the Executive Board with your question or remark.

We are also affiliated with the Child Care Disputes Committee.

Proof of Registration: PDF Proof of registration

Supervision, safety and hygiene
Fantasy land complies with the rules laid down in the Law on Child Care and related regulations. Annually, the inspection of the GGD or the Children’s Centre checks compliance with the inspection framework, including the risk inventory for health and safety and action plans carried out. The inspection report, the safety and health risk inventories, the House Rules, protocols and the action plans are for inspection at the children’s Centre.

Look here for the inspection reports OF THE GGD.

Fantastical land works with clear protocols and House rules to ensure safety and health in practice. These are regularly discussed and assessed in practice and possibly adjusted.